It’s amazing what you find on a Friday, eh? Here’s a video of a delightfully creepy snake robot. Originally, I thought this might be CGI, until I followed the link provided on the YouTube page to this guy’s website. The creator of these apparently real Snake Robots is Dr. Gavin Miller and his obsession seems to have no end when it comes to creating the ultimate snake-like robot.

The version you see in the video is the S3 version of the robot. On the website you can see the more intimidating and downright scary S8. While the S3 slithers like a regular serpent, the S8 seems able to track heat, find objects and swallow you whole before taking a nap in your basement.

I have seen the future and it scares the piss out of me. Why did it have to be snakes?

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  1. Wolf-Bot says:

    This just makes it easier for our robot masters to spy on us in more environments.

    The day when we will have to fight hand to hand with robotic animals while running through the jungle is almost upon us.

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