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Why hello again. This is a perfect run of Gekirindan for Arcade and Saturn. It’s on Taito Legends 2 collections so I’m using that version. One Life Clear no miss, all that legitimate business. I think I’m using Type-C with the Dietza guy. Nobody knows what that means, do they. It’s a’ight. If it interests you, this game is about time traveling, so every stage is set in a different year. I went too much out of my way to include music from the year of the stage I’m playing on. I’m also so hip and trendy I know exactly what all the cool kinds will be listening to in the year 4580. P-P-P-Prophet, yo! Here, look at some videos.

[youtube aABBXVnqvTI]

I have more things to tell you.

Super-play always has the download uninterrupted goods. Below you can stream all 5 parts in that fun box. Or if you can’t see anything below, you can click here for autostreaming playlist sex-u-al ma-gic.


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