It’s there in plain sight, the written word, yet somehow it frequently morphs into unrecognizable piles of steaming safari turds.  I only offer the following link as proof that I am not alone in my disdain for the extreme and continuous erosion of the ability to construct and transmit a single thought, even if it is simply a declaration of your impending poop.  Read on.

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2 Responses to See, I’m not crazy.

  1. Arvandor says:

    It’s ok, Moe, you’re not as alone as you might think. I too get heavily irritated at misused homonyms, lack of apostrophes, and failed or absent punctuation/capitalization.

    I was also very tempted to throw it all out the window, and intentionally type out the above message as follows

    “its ok moe, your not as alone as you might think. I to get heavily irritated at misused homonyms lack of apostrophes and failed or absent punctuation capitalization”

    just to be a douche, but even doing that much as an example almost broke my brain. I was going to try and force some spelling errors, but I think I failed. Although it just occured to me that I may be thinking homophones and not homonyms. Homonyms are pronounced and spelled the same, while homophones only have similar pronunciation, but different spellings, like their they’re and there. Right?

  2. Snowball says:

    You’re not cry Moe, I’ll tell you what’s crazy, “Avian Swine Flu”. You know what I mean? Flying pigs man! That shit is NOT natural.

    No but seriously, I feel your pain.

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