The center of the universeAs discussed in massive civil detail, everybody who follows the Robot Panic scene in or near Michigan is invited to party with us in Novi, MI. Thanks to SimpleNate for coordination skills and me stealing all his wonderful images.

We’ll spend a majority of our time planning a mutiny of our Minnesota subsidiaries, discuss flanking tactics, drinking, gaming, drinking, gaming, reference bowling, comment on how classy we are because we’re meeting at a place with a dress code, make fun of that “M-BAR-GO” sign, and solve the mystery of why that picture above is real and located in Brighton using a talking dog and a bunch of hippies.

When: Saturday, April 4th at 7pm
Where: Lucky Strike in the Fountain Walk mall in Novi, MI
Who: Anybody that is into games and wants to drive to Novi
Why: Because we can
How: Look for a table with a Robot Panic logo

With any luck, you will get to party with our very own Gypsy Scott Mosier mascot.


A man with an exceptional habitat. A great guy.

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39 Responses to Robot Panic Michigan Community Gathering

  1. carrotpanic says:

    So, it’s definitely okay for me to wear my sexy thigh high stockings. Good to know.

  2. Hilden says:

    Now THIS will be a party! Wish I could be there, boys.

  3. SimpleNate says:

    @ Hilden Oh, I see how it is. We can drive 6 hours to see you, but you can’t drive 10 hours to see us? That’s bullshit, man.

  4. carrotpanic says:

    I shall dub this: Midwest Gaming Neo-Classic

  5. SimpleNate says:

    I can support that. Also, Hilden can’t come until he beats my Ikargua score.

  6. Savory Cade says:

    Alright, so… Robot Panic gets Michigan and Minnesota, while VGEvo gets Wisconsin and Illinois. We’ll also take Australia, but you guys get England. Canada is still up for grabs.

  7. Torgo says:

    No no, really, they can have Canada!!!!!!

  8. John says:

    But Lag’s in Canada. I tell you what, we’ll take the rest of Canada, you just take whatever province Lag’s in.

  9. carrotpanic says:

    Prince Lagward Island.

  10. Torgo says:

    We already signed-over full rights to Lag to you guys, it was notarized yesterday.

  11. D.J.I. says:

    A’ight. Robot Panic has 2 cannons, a horseman, and 3 armies on Michigan, 3 cannons on Minnisota, a cannon on Londonshire, and a few scattered armies in south United States, 4 armies in Texas because that state looks funny.

    DJI chooses Texas (4 armies) to invade Savory Cade’s New Mexico (1 Army).
    DJI rolls 3 dice: 2,5,& 4
    Savory Cade rolls 1 dice to defend: … …

  12. Savory Cade says:

    Woah, slow down there maestro. There’s a *New* Mexico?

  13. D.J.I. says:

    Savory Cade’s army, completely oblivious to their surroundings, rolls a 0.
    DJI takes New Mexico (2 armies); Texas (2 armies)

    New Mexico will now be used as a place to store empty beer bottles until Robot Panic members feel like returning them, and for establishing hot latina brothels.

  14. SimpleNate says:

    Tough break, Savory. As a consolation prize, you get a room in one of our brothels named after you.

    “The Savory Room, eh? That’ll cost you…”

  15. carrotpanic says:

    One thing that we overlooked with this is that Michigan State plays at 6 on Saturday…I’ll be able to catch enough of it at the bar, but don’t you think the place will be extra packed- and especially prior to when we’re supposed to get there.

  16. SimpleNate says:

    I don’t think so, really. It’s not much of a sports bar, unless you like your sports with a heaping helping of pinball sounds in the background (and really, who doesn’t?). I didn’t even see any TV’s the last time I was there. Though, I was pretty drunk. I guess we can have a plan B, but I doubt we need one.

  17. carrotpanic says:

    Okay, sounds good. I’m still down.

  18. Zinswin says:

    Hey, all you crazy MI people. Is Pinball Pete’s still there in Ann Arbor? That place was pretty neat as I recall from back in my grad school days.

  19. SimpleNate says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s still there. DJ might know more than I do. He got a knife pulled on him there for beating some guy’s ass at Marvel vs. Capcom.

    Good times!

  20. D.J.I. says:

    @original fucking panic
    There are some TVs in both bar areas, so it’s possible to fill up, but this place is right next to Hooters, B-Dubs, and another sports-ish bar, so I doubt it. Also, we’ll be in Michigan territory. I’m not worried.

    Pinball Petes is still around. It is awful nowadays. Most machines are broken.
    The only redeeming factor is I caught word that they got a hold of a Border Down cab. Play it before it breaks I guess.

  21. John says:

    “He got a knife pulled on him there for beating some guy’s ass at Marvel vs. Capcom.” That…is fucking AWESOME!

  22. skreesha says:

    I think there is a Pinball Pete’s in East Lansing too.

  23. SimpleNate says:

    @John See, that’s why I’m his hetero life-mate. Somebody needs to document this crazy shit!

  24. carrotpanic says:

    Pinball Pete’s is still a good time. Don’t play the Tetris machine in the back, it’ll just eat your quarters and rip your heart out with a broken joystick. They do have a mostly functional Raiden Fighters machine, pretty fun. Lot of semi functional machines though, Mr. Driller’s joystick doesn’t exactly always go down when you tell it to…

    Novi is definitely not “Michigan” territory, it’s very mixed. Plus, everyone in the state is rooting for State at this point. IT’S BIGGER THAN ALL OF US, MAN.

    P.S. Sorry for pulling my knife on you, I didn’t know who I was messing with.

  25. SimpleNate says:

    @Carrotpanic Lol, awesome. Saturday is gonna rock.

  26. Snowball says:

    If we can’t be honest on here of all places, then where? We all know THAT’S NOT the real reason your his hetero life-mate Nate.

  27. SimpleNate says:

    Yeah, I was lying about the hetero part. Don’t tell Lexi.

  28. Hilden says:

    I expect a full report on the drunken shenanigans, boys. I’ve earned it. I beat SimpleNate’s Ikaruga score.

  29. carrotpanic says:

    Here’s my report:

    Got there a touch late (7:30), proceeded to walk around the place a few times, didn’t see a table with the RP logo on it or anyone who looked like I think DJ looks like (skinny white guy with red hair and goatee?).

    Watched the rest of the Michigan St. game, while continuing to make laps around the place, probably looking like a weirdo as I looked at people’s tables more closely than before. Also, glad I’m in my early 20’s or people probably would have thought I was looking for the kiddies. I hang out generally by the air hockey tables.

    Michigan St. wins, I play some pinball on the Sopranos, Roller Coaster Tycoon, World Poker tour, and fake Pinbot tables. Continue to make laps, also hang out by the air hockey tables some more looking for DJ.

    Bump into some people I know through my cousin. Talk to them for a few. Go play Qix and Centipede. Make more laps.

    Peace out at 10 pm, 2 and a half hours after I got there, with 2/3 of the money left on my card and without a sip of alky.

    Curse the sky.

    Sorry guys! Where did I go wrong? Next time I should probably exchange phone numbers in advance so this colossal fuck up doesn’t happen again.

  30. carrotpanic says:

    Epilogue: Figured out they were there the whole time, drove all the way back, beat DJ’s ass in bubble hockey, drank caucasians, more later…

  31. carrotpanic says:

    Is there going to be a recap post, or should I do that here?

  32. John says:

    I think DJ said he’s going to post something up. But hey, feel free to post your own recap. Sounds like you guys had a great time.

  33. D.J.I. says:

    Yeah, I gotta just edit the movie footage.
    Oh my god it’s terrible and hilarious!!! Had a chance to watch it all last night.
    So glad I’m not on a podcast OMG DrrrrUNK!

  34. SimpleNate says:

    @ DJI – Yeah, I’m not sure who was more drunk: you or John.

    Either way, HILARIOUS!

  35. skreesha says:

    I was pretty drunk. I think I fell asleep on the ride home.

  36. ZIMMZAMM says:

    wish I was there.

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