A year ago, my wife got me a subscription to Draft Magazine, and every month since I get a serious case of the thirst the moment it arrives in the mail. Draft has expanded my beer horizons by recommending some of the best beer I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. Hell, it was Draft that first introduced me to Westmalle after they made Westmalle Dubbel the first beer to score a perfect 100 in their magazine. And I’ve lost track of the number of times they’ve mentioned Surly in their magazine, which certifies them as experts in my book.

Draft covers nearly everything a beer-lover could ask for. In addition to beer reviews (my favorite part of the magazine), they also tour cities highlighting the local beer hot-spots. They interview brewers, bar owners, and chat up the occasional celebrity about their favorite beers, and there are often recipes complete with beer-matchings. The most recent issue (pictured) lists the top 200 beer bars in the United States, broken down by region. Among those listed are local Twin Cities restaurants like The Blue Nile, Bryant Lake Bowl, The Happy Gnome, and an old favorite of mine and Hilden’s The Muddy Pig.

Draft Magazine is an indispensable resource for beer connoisseurs and for those looking to learn more about beer. Check out segments of the magazine and sign up for a subscription here.

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  1. carrotpanic says:

    Our homebrew group picks this up now and again at the supply store. I agree, interesting read!

  2. damo says:

    “The Thirst” I don’t think I would have understood that 6 months ago. I’ve been trying to put a name to this feeling that I get sometimes where I just want to sit back and enjoy a good quality beer, and you just did it.

    I may head to the store and pick up this Draft magazine! I’ve been needing some help with beer choices lately, as the imperial stout and dark beer season is coming to an end…

  3. Zinswin says:

    I just took the ‘how many brewers could you take in a fight?” quiz on the website. 21, it turns out. I have no idea if that’s good, but I’ll take it.

    My wife got me a subscription to beer advocate last year, which is also a great magazine. Maybe I’ll just have to subscribe to 2…

  4. Zinswin says:

    Of the restaurants listed, I love the Muddy Pig and Blue Nile. Happy Gnome will do in a pinch, though. It’s a bit pricey for what’s offered, I think.

  5. I heard the only way you can stop your subcription is by moving to Canada. *rim shot*

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