During my daily stroll through various gaming forums, I stumbled upon this video. Check it out:

Pretty bad ass, eh? It’s called “HyperPin” made by Hyper…Spin. Hurm. Anyway, here’s a bit about HyperSpin and what they do:

HyperSpin is an animated arcade frontend for Windows for use on Home Arcade Machines. HyperSpin allows you to create custom menu systems to run most executables with that arcade look and feel. HyperSpin takes a more artwork oriented approach to creating menu’s. With this tool you should be able to make interesting menu’s for your games, movies etc..

HyperSpin is a very easy to setup and operate system so that even the novice of users may have a great looking front end. Using the HyperHQ configuration application, and our customized theme creation application HyperTheme, users will be able to quickly and easily get started using HyperSpin.

Lots o’ “hypers” there. Either way, you can find out more about HyperSpin at their official website here.

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6 Responses to The Future of Pinball?

  1. carrotpanic says:

    Sounds very similar to Ultrapin: link

  2. John says:

    Yes it does! I was looking for that link, but couldn’t remember what it was. Thanks!

  3. carrotpanic says:

    Use those category tags John!

  4. M.C. says:

    Funny that you should post this today… Have you had an opportunity to listen to Robert Ashley’s A Life Well Wasted podcast? I’d strongly recommend listening to today’s episode, which focuses on collectors of classic gaming systems, and pinball machines in particular. It’s only 45 minutes, and I promise you won’t regret it.

  5. John says:

    I’ll give it a go.

  6. Fivespot says:

    Slightly on topic, I’m looking forward to lots of retro pinball goodness in 2 weeks at MGC. That’s always the best pinball I play all year.

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