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According to an awesomely questionable article from dailymail.co.uk, the better your reaction time, the longer you’re going to live. Like, real life; not in the game.

The 7,414 volunteers in the study have been followed since the mid-Eighties, when their reaction times were measured with an electrical device fitted with a small screen and five numbered buttons.

The volunteers had to press the matching button when a number appeared on screen. The time they took to react was measured and averages worked out.

Since then, 1,289 have died, 568 of them from heart disease.

The researchers then compared the reaction times, smoking habits, weight and other factors of those who had died with those who had survived.

The results showed that people with slow reactions were 2.6 times more likely to die prematurely from any cause. Smoking was the only factor linked to a larger risk of death – as it made it 3.03 times more likely.

Physical exercise, blood pressure, heart rate, waist-hip ratio, alcohol consumption and body-mass index all had a lesser effect.

In deaths caused specifically by heart disease, reaction time was the most important factor after blood pressure, this time having a greater effect than smoking.

The researchers said: ‘It has been hypothesized that reaction time, as a measure of speed of the brain’s information-processing capacity, may be a marker for bodily system integrity.

‘This way, slower reaction times, or poorer information-processing ability, might be an indication of suboptimal physiological functioning, which may in turn be related to early death.’

So maybe Brain Age doesn’t make you smarter, but keeps you alive? And then nursing homes will send back the Wii Bowling in exchange for Rock Band, but the old folks will only be allowed to play Visions on expert.

Either way, I suggest you go complete M.C.’s challenges.  Your life now depends on it.

Time to get me a bucket of KFC tonight! Gonna plan my retirement for age 114! I R Invincible!! OVERCONFIDENCE WOOO!!

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2 Responses to Play Shmups = Lifetime Extended!!

  1. Well based on this fast reaction = longer life business, my life should end around 98. I may suck at shmups, but I have been known to hand people their own asses in some Street Fighter 2.

  2. D.J.I. says:

    hmmm, interesting.
    You’re on my friends list still, yes?

    If I picked up HD Remix, do you fancy some competition?

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