Here’s another entry in the list of top 14 toy robot commercials. This one I’m sure many of you remember. Hell, I’d bet money that a good number of you owned this watch. What cracks me up is just how hard they’re pimping the whole time travel element when it’s obviously a really cheap Transformer/Gobot’s knock off.

As I was watching this particular commercial, I started to remember an article that one of our favorite sites did on this 80’s robot travesty. Sure enough, you can find a great article on Kronoforms over at Retro Thing.

Enjoy the nostalgia!

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3 Responses to Kronoforms

  1. Moe says:

    Man, I forgot about those. I used to have one, though it never lived up to my lofty expectations.

  2. Hilden says:

    I had forgotten, until I re-read the Retro Thing article, that they advertised transforming the robot into a “battlestation” by putting it’s arms up. Hilarious!

  3. JapTastic says:

    That’s awesome! I used to have one of those. I think it broke. I wish I had one now.

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