oobject.com has a very cool list of 14 toy robot commercials. Some of these are pretty mundane but a couple of them jumped out at me and I’m wondering if they inspire some memories for you as well.

The first one to grab me was Chatbot. You remember this one? I seem to remember this one being at a couple of my friend’s houses when I was growing up. From what I recall, it provided about five minutes of fun, until my friend’s sister got sick of us recording dirty messages into it and walked out of the Chatbot’s rather limited remote control range. If my memory serves, these ended up in a lot of garage sales not long after.

You have to hand it to the 1980’s as that decade sure had it’s share of interesting robot toys. Oh, and one more thing: I realize it was the 80’s but were those hats that kid is wearing ever really “in”? I’m gonna have to say “no”.

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  1. Ryker XL says:

    Ok so when I was a kid we had a 2XL. It was basically an 8 track tape player in a robot mold with flashing diodes for eyes. The tapes were done so well that 2XL did have a personality of his own. You would buy new tapes and each one had new trivia questions on them. It was technologically lame, but still hella-fun!


  2. Hilden says:

    That video is AWESOME.

    “Adults Can’t Resist Him”-Playboy

  3. JapTastic says:

    Sweet! I used to have one of those. I think my mom bought it at the Goodwill. It was almost as cool as the robot watch……almost.

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