For those of you who listen to the Drunken Gamers Radio podcast, you may recall that we received a generous gift from one of our listeners.

Here is a picture of the awesomeness that Thom sent us! Behold the glory that is fine beer. Thanks, Thom!

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10 Responses to The Gift of Beer

  1. damo says:

    I bow to that beer!!

    I only tried Tripel beer for the first time last week, and it instantly became one of my favorites. The variety I tried most likely wasn’t up to the bar of the real stuff from Belgium, but it’s still pretty damn good:

  2. carrotpanic says:

    Try the Westmalle Dubbel, it’s one of my all-time favorites!

  3. Grimmy says:

    Westmalle is nice… although my favourite Trappist beer is the only one to be brewed outside of Belgium… The Dutch “La Trappe Quadruple”.

    There are way too many good Belgian beers to list, but if you get the chance, try Kasteel Bruin – it’s a killer.

    All of the Delerium beers are also awesome (Tremens, Nocturnum and La Guillotine).

  4. damo says:

    Thanks carrotpanic and Grimmy, I’ve written those down and will check the next time I hit my local Liquors 44 (or maybe it’s the only one… not sure). I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Delerium beers there, so I may go for that first.

  5. skreesha says:

    I tend to avoid Belgian beers because most of the ones I’ve tried were hop-tacular and I prefer a more malty beer, but I’ve had that Duvel and it was very good.

  6. carrotpanic says:

    Hoptacular? Belgian beers are definitely more yeasty than anything, and not generally very hoppy. Certainly nothing on the order of a regular Indian Pale Ale. Maybe you had some off the beaten path ones?

  7. skreesha says:

    Perhaps. They were gifts from my uncle who keeps inflicting hoppy beer on me.

  8. Zinswin says:

    The Duvel glass is one of my favorite drinking glasses.

    I wish I had an uncle like skreesha’s.

  9. Fivespot says:

    Shucks, I was hoping for a pic of the “head”. Maybe even an action shot of the beer cascading over the head as I’ve never seen that happen when drinking Miller.

    Great show gentlemen and thanks for the entertainment!!

  10. John says:

    We were going to take more pictures, but we can’t have our phones on during the podcast. It messes with the recording somehow. The good news is that we received more beer in the mail this week (two more packages!), so we’ll have more pictures.

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