People have children for all sorts of reasons. Some people want to carry on their family name. Some people have a yearning to take care of someone. Some people got drunk and had dirty sex in a bar bathroom. Me? I wanted an excuse to play with toys. Seriously, if there’s one thing I miss about my childhood it’s all the bad ass toys.

While growing up, my favorite toys were He-Man action figures. I had dozens of figures, all the accessories, and watched the after-school cartoon religiously. In my mind, Eternia was a real place and Skeletor was a diabolical villain who needed to be eradicated.

While in retrospect He-Man figures seem to be, I don’t know, a little homoerotic, was there any sweeter toy than Castle Grayskull? I mean, just look at this thing:

The most awesome toy of the 80s.

The most awesome toy of the 80s.

Given my childhood obsession, it was only natural that immediately upon finding out that my wife and I were having a boy, I returned to my parent’s house and fished all my He-Man toys – and Castle Grayskull – out of the attic so it would be ready for him. I knew that any son of mine would find Castle Grayskull to be the coolest toy ever. But as cool as Castle Grayskull is and was, Ethan got something for Christmas nearly as awesome: the motherfucking Batcave.


It was a gift from some friends of ours and when he tore the wrapping off to unveil this awesome item I was probably more excited than he was. My first thought: it’s just like Castle Grayskull!


Because he’s only one, we haven’t assembled all of the pieces yet; choking hazards and such. But even in its bare state it’s an awesome toy that he loves playing with. It’s got not one but two drawbridges, an elevator, a grappling hook, a bat-computer, Batman, Robin, and a bat-cycle. It’s all part of Fisher Price’s Imaginext Super Friends line. Hit that link to see some truly sweet toys for little tykes.

Ethan loves the thing, even though he hasn’t figured out who Batman is yet, and I’m already planning the epic He-Man/Batman crossover event in my head.

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15 Responses to Super Friends Batcave

  1. damo says:

    Hells yeah about bringing the toys back out! I’ve been getting all my old Legos from my parent’s house and building some awesome shit with my 4-year old. And, since just getting a 360 (finally) we’ve been playing Lego Indiana Jones together, which is fantastic. He wants to build with the real thing with me even more!

  2. Ryker XL says:

    That’s totally awesome, make the most of these days as they will soon be gone. I remeber when Austin (Tiny777) was younger and we had two Fisher Price Castle sets. they had canons on the top and we would shoot pltic boulders at one another. Another great game was Crossbow. There you would build a castle with platic knights and sh&t and fire plastic boulders at the castle with a catapult and arrows from griant crossbows. Not for the 1 year old, but wicked fun.

    I bet anything you could find that and some other cheap used stuff for Castle Grey Skull at the rummage mart that is Cedar Cliff Collectables.

    PS. Austin was born near the time of the release of Star Wars Special Edition for theaters. I started a massive kenner Star Wars action figure and toy collection for him at that time. They are sitting in plastic tubs in my garage, all unopened. I think it’s next year’s Birthday gift as he will be old enough to truly appreciate what that collection is…

  3. Moe says:

    That Crossbows and Catapults game was awesome and it’s still around! Now it just looks more badder ass.

    Man… that’s an ugly link.

  4. SouthernCoyote says:

    I don’t have any children yet, but when my wife and I have children they will have one hell of a collection of G. I. Joe’s.

  5. deadward says:

    This year was all about Lego… Ewan got something like $600 worth of Lego after all was said and done, I spent the week after Christmas building the shit out of some Lego Indiana Jones and Star Wars…
    I feel it’s my solemn duty as a father to play with his gear to ensure quality workmanship.

  6. That Castle Grayskull brought back a lot of happy memories.

  7. Fivespot says:

    Hey, my Castle Greyskull didn’t look that cool. Mine was purple with the mic attachment so you could shout imposing cuss words at approaching terrorists in an evil, sinister tone.

    I love how He-Man action figures all had the same body only painted in different colors or with pasted on hair/fuzz/furr. And you could easily pull their heads off which made for some gruesome decapitations. Good times.

  8. GI_Josh says:

    I’m not ashamed to admit I bought this fucking bad boy a couple years ago (way past when I should still be playing with G.I. Joes)

    GI Joe Conquest Mountain

    But come on, look at that thing! My massive, extensive, up to date G.I. Joe collection looks fantastic on it. I mean, it would. If I maintained such a collection. *ahem*

  9. Hilden says:

    I’m sure the battles to be waged will be legendary in Ethan’s bedroom.

  10. Apoch says:

    My vote for the coolest and biggest toy of the 80’s goes to the G. I. Joe USS Flag…that thing was massive. One of my brothers friends had the thing and it took up one of those big dinning tables. That thing was the shit!!! maybe it’s only because my brother and I already have Castle Greyskull. Either way both are cool. I miss the 80’s….much like most of the washed up big hair bands that were one hit wonders!!! But knowing this is half the battle!!!

  11. Tyler Durden84 says:

    My little cousins got this Batcave set for Christmas. They also got a Joker figure with a vehicle that has a giant hammer on the front of it, a Penguin figure with little penguins, Mr Freeze with a freeze gun and a giant ice fridge thing that you can put someone in, like Robin cuz he sucks, and a Superman and Krypto set. It is pretty fun to play with. I have been giving my little cousins comic related things for the past couple years in hopes that they get raised right and not on the lame stuff that is shown on Nickelodeon now. Batman is one such thing that they are learning right. Instilling in them that justice is not only not tolerated, it is also confronted with the element of fear and a quick toss of a Batarang.

    Needless to say, evil did NOT triumph over Batman and his allies on Christmas Day.

  12. Hilden says:

    ” giant ice fridge thing that you can put someone in, like Robin cuz he sucks”

    Nice!! I couldn’t agree more.

    And Apoch, I too coveted the USS Flag. I wanted that carrier BAD!

  13. John says:

    Moe just brought over the Mr. Freeze thing along with the Joker and his vehicle, the Batwing, and the Batcopter. Bad ass!

  14. Zinswin says:

    This is the only thing I don’t like about having 2 daughters… I’ll never get to play with the REALLY cool toys. But hey, tea sets are nice, right? Right? Maybe I’ll write an article on how bad-ass their kitchen set is.

    If we go to McD’s, my wife and I usually get the boy’s Happy Meal because the toys are cooler.

  15. Zinswin says:

    Oh yes, I must also comment on crossbows and catapults. I’ve been lusting after it for a few years, remembering it from my youth. On ebay it was selling for $100 or so, which was a bit much. Then finally it came out again a year or so ago and I got a bunch of the sets for cheap at Target. The rules are horrible and vague and the endgame is tedious, but with some mods to the rules it is still very fun.

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