I'd hit datAs much as I wanna rifle through an armada of Gene Simmons jokes, I’ll take the high road and make a half-hearted cliche reference about eating pussy. Because hey, Girls & Corpses.

“Dude. This guy can work the clit.”

If Boomer is a Civil War general in bizarro world, a bizarro sniper would mean the less elevated you are, the more devastating your shot can be. Yes, that comes with additional risk, but once you shoot, your position is forfeit anyway. Ah yes, and for those not knowing, a “pull” is a successful tongue attack in which the victim is dragged or pulled toward the Smoker’s location. You’ll be reading that word quite a bit.

mookalokka is responsible for this setup. A jolly thanks to him.
[youtube dOfBR6u5nlk]

‘Written guide to playing as a Smoker is as follows:

– The Rule –
Your job is to waste Survivor’s time and spread the group out for Hunters to capitalize. If you can get survivor(s) to chase after the guy you captured for about five seconds or so while knowing your other zombie teammates have spawned, you’ve done your part well. A good Smoker plays like you would a sniper; not only because you shoot long distances, but because once you shoot and miss [being a survivor quickly freed], you’re position is given away by a solid line of tongue pointing right at you. That and you stand around like a boob for a second after your tongue is blown off. For this reason, it’s better to wait for a Boomer to vomit on people before making your move against a group, minimizing chances somebody will see you try to snipe a person. That is unless you see a survivor trailing behind the pack, then go after that guy.

Wait for the red target reticle. You always miss if you shoot and it’s white. Sometimes, you’ll have to guess when it turns red if you’re positioned in a sketchy area.
Your shot will usually autoaim toward the closest survivor even if you’re aiming at somebody else.

– Force Backtracking –
If you think nobody is in position to ambush, your main tactic for starting the party or causing solo damage as a Smoker is to hang way behind the survivor group and pull the last person. This works well with novice survivors, but players who use their headsets will search for this move since it’s done often. A good survivor group always has a guy watching the team’s back. Try to pull that guy to decrease rescue response time.

– Pull Around Corners –
Don’t use your tongue as a straight shot in plain sight. Go at an angle. Creep around the edge of the wall or window until you only see a single survivor in view before you shoot. The place you stand when you shoot is the place the survivor will end up when pulled. You want that ending location to not be in the same room the rest of the survivors are in.

– Pull Off Ledges –
Not only can you cause minor fall damage from your pulls, but waiting for the stray to rejoin the group takes additional time. If you pull somebody from a ledge where your tongue then hangs ontop another high object (such as a train car or truck trailer) it’s possible to constrict a person so high off the ground they cannot be melee’d. And you know, there’s probably hoard waiting below the ledge. That helps. See 1:45 in the above video.

– Pull From Below –
You’re trying to hide the survivor from view after you pull him, therefore, pull a person from below where their standing, not above. Pulling from above may slightly increase your chances of surviving for another shot because they’re normally going to melee the guy free, but you also sit there as a large vertical beacon for the other survivors to easily spot you and shoot the guy free in any way they see fit, not allowing you to serve your task of wasting their time longer than a second. Furthermore, you do more damage if you pull the survivor all the way to your position so the zombie punches the guy than you do if the survivor dangles from your tongue. Unless you’re counting on the survivors being so dumb they’ll leave a straggler alone for extended periods of time, there’s not much benefit in working from high buildings.

To rank the standard order you should position yourself for sniping if the terrain allows it:
Below > Corner/Obstructed > Above

– Short Pull vs. Long Pull –
Both have a purpose. When playing against standard players, stay with long pulls to encourage traveling the maximum distance to rescue the survivor. The downside is there is a quick moment for the survivor you’re hitting while dragged to find and shoot you before the guy becomes officially constricted. When doing a long pull, at least attempt to be partially hidden. When you’re up against expert players, there is a good chance the guy can find and gun you down the instant you begin the pull. Did you know if you pull at a short distance, there is no free-shooting delay before constriction? Your attack is instantaneous. In these cases where there is chaos going on and you’re up against good players, consider a short pull so your task doesn’t backfire because of a quick-shot player.

– Using the Witch, Car Alarms, Molotovs/Gas Fire, and Standing Hoard –
Just stand behind the Witch or alarm (meaning the object is in the middle of you and the survivor). Pull a survivor into a car alarm or a Witch to set the trap off. These are good ambush-starters. When a player starts a fire, stand behind it on the same elevation as the fire and pull a survivor through it. You cause fire damage to the survivor you’re killing and the person who goes for the rescue. You also get free camouflage. Finally, if you see random hoard just hanging out, you can always pull survivors into them. The extra arms beating the guy will turn your pull into the strength of a Hunter’s pounce.

– Instant Kills –
If you pull survivors from certain ledges at the longest tongue length, they fall too far and die.
Blood Harvest Stage 1 – The rope bridge. Positioning yourself along the edge of the cliff and bridge end, since the cliff itself is not a straight line, you can pull a survivor into an inline area of the cliff and he will fall.
Blood Harvest Stage 2 – The first open area, the one where there’s multiple windows leading to a catwalk of beams, position the Smoker on the inner left corner on the top level by a chimney-like structure. If you can make a pull on a survivor that enters the open area from the FARTHEST WINDOW (the one that usually has upgraded guns), the survivor will fall and die.
No Mercy Stage 4 – This one works more like a fluke, but at the very end where survivors get off the elevator, you can use the right-angle corners of the edge of the building to pull survivors off the building. If you jump on a barrel or small object, and maintain your distance, there is a small chance the survivor will drop instead of hang from the building.
No Mercy Stage 5 – Wait on the top of the tower with the satellite dish on it. Capture the first survivor that climbs to the top of the last ladder leading to the roof. The survivor will fall to his death.
You can discover more instant kill spots by finding places as a survivor where if you fall off that edge, you hang from it and another survivor needs to pull the person up. If you position the Smoker to pull a survivor across that edge from the longest distance, the survivor falls and dies instead of dangles from the edge. Remember that for when Dead Air and Death Toll come out in DLC.

– Smoke Cloud –
Smokers leave that-thar smoke cloud when they die. Did you know you get kill assists if hoard attack survivors within the cloud? Don’t go out of your way to use this move, but if you’ve got your back against the wall and the Survivors are making their way to your location, charge the group and start clawing.

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8 Responses to SCIENCE!!! Left 4 Dead – Rollin’ Infected: Smoker

  1. Hilden says:

    Anybody check out the Left 4 Dead update? It’s only the PC version, for now but damn. The Infected just got a lot stronger. Check THIS out:


    Improved loading time
    Fixed mini-gun physics exploit
    Fixed propane tanks (and other physics objects) causing players to fall through elevators
    Fixed rare achievement bug issues
    Fixed several map exploits

    Versus Changes

    Made the following client commands cheat protected: “Kill” and “explode”
    Fixed exploit where infected players could run away and teleport back to gain health
    Players can only change teams once per map
    Players can’t change teams while other players are still loading
    Tank spawns at the same % through the map for both teams in versus mode
    Made the Tank and Witch spawn directly on the escape route
    Increased chance of getting the Tank or Witch
    Fixed team swap issue


    Easier to pounce a Survivor who is meleeing
    Increased Minimum damage a Hunter pounce does


    Fixed Smoker tongue tolerance
    Smoker now has to be killed or the tongue destroyed for the tongue to break
    Survivors cannot bash someone off the tongue until the Survivor being pulled is paralyzed or hanging
    Tongue attacks that fail to paralyze or hang a Survivor will use the shorter ability delay timer
    Fixed cases where the ability timer was not using the correct time
    Fixed case where you could point at a Survivor but not register a tongue hit
    Fixed Smoker tongue not targeting and landing properly through PZ ghosts
    Smoker tongue does damage every second while dragging paralyzed Survivors


    Bashable objects now appear with a red glow
    Tanks hitting a car with an alarm disables the alarm permanently
    Tank frustration timer is only reset by hitting Survivors with rocks or fists
    Reduced autoshotgun damage against Tanks


    Witch spawns at the same % through the map for both teams
    Avoids spawning within a certain % of the tank
    Fixed an exploit where the Witch could be woken up and tricked into attacking Survivors

  2. John says:

    I’m gonna check this out tonight!

  3. Q says:

    I was going to reference that update too as the Smoker seems to have received quite a bit of love. It’s definitely my favorite infected to play as and it just got better. I only hope the 360 gets this soon.

  4. Ryker XL says:

    Yeah I was reading up on what I could today. I just hope we can still use the “Jesus Room” in No Mercy as I still need that “Perfect Ending” Achievement. I would have had it the other night but two douchebags I was playing with left while we were waiting things out and I got stuck with mindless bots… Sigh…

    Anybody who might be interested in this please let me know, I should be on later this evening.

  5. Zinswin says:

    People have been geting better and better in VS, so I already thought that Zombies had the advantage. This could be interesting…

    That being said, when the update reaches the 360 I can’t wait for more survivor killin’.

  6. D.J.I. says:

    hahaha, I picked an awful time to write a guide.

  7. leftybrown says:

    Ok, now you’re giving away all my secrets. Smoker by far is my favorite Infected to play and have started to play around trying to find new places for the one hit kill.

    One other advantage to the smoker is using him in an emergency to get killed on purpose so that the survivors can see a hunter attack. This also can encourage friendly fire damage from the Survivors.

  8. D.J.I. says:

    You knew about the other two?

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