So many questions...Because nobody’s sick of seeing this image on the left or anything. This is the guy I don’t get. Where do they get the elbow pads? How do they all know to put on the elbow pads?  How is his hood always on? I am baffled, sir. Valve has turned their reports over to the Center of Disease Control. Current day scientists have computed the demographics and their estimated zombie type mutation results when the coming zombie apocalypse hits:
All infected obese people become Boomers.
All infected bodybuilders become Tanks.
All infected rock stars become Smokers.
All infected skaters become Hunters.
All infected teenage white girls become Witches.
All infected doctors become Faust.
All infected iPod owners become Sheep.
All infected athiests become Christians.
All infected WOW players become Angry German Kids.
All infected Spanish and black people become Drones with really weird alienish things controlling them.
All infected Europeans become Rage.  And when asking about it, nobody will every clearly describe what the hell that means…or why they felt they had to trash the good name of the first movie by making a meh sequel.
All infected animals become WTF Mitochondria things from Parasite Eve…

erm…Let’s move on!

Criken2 provides the moving pictures this round.
[youtube SDV_2w4NU_s]

Written guide for playing as Hunter continues:

– The Rule –
Your job is to cause at least x6 damage by pouncing and pinning a person for roughly 4 seconds. If you don’t think it is reasonably possible to pin the person that long on your own, wait until another player launches his attack, then do yours at the same time.

A solo attack is only recommended if you can pin somebody down OUT OF SIGHT AND AWAY FROM THE GROUP: the best spots being around corners, on a higher ledge with all other survivors waiting below, or the last one to climb a ladder or jump a ledge. Anytime you see an elevation in terrain, these are your stomping grounds.

In all other cases, do not pounce until you see another zombie player attempting an attack. Always synchronize your attacks with other players whenever possible. If you know a Boomer is available and close, wait to see if his attack connects. If you’re proficient with Hunter controls, try and make your way to the other side of where the Boomer is approaching and pounce around [or wall jumping] without attacking to cause diversions, drawing attention away from the Boomer noises the survivors hear. After the Boomer attacks and you know a Smoker is ready to ambush, allow him up to 3 seconds to make a pull. Immediately after he makes a pull, you should pounce any survivor who isn’t purple [bile-covered]. If you don’t know of a Smoker anywhere, just pounce the healthy survivors as the hoard engages the group.

Remember, a Hunter attack does nothing by hitting a survivor with a short pounce. Only by pinning a player for long periods of time, connecting a long pounce, or getting away with several melee claw attacks makes a Hunter attack effective. Damage to a pinned player is exponential so with each second the survivor is pinned, a larger number of damage caused per second.

– Wall Jump –
You can wall jump; ceiling jump if you’re jesus.
ProLuko will show you how:
[youtube pd6R09bu564]
Right Bumper is your friend. Or…-you know-…-your mouse-…-or whatever you people use.

– Long Range Pouncing –
It’s recommended you learn how to pounce from a distance. The farther away you are when you jump on a survivor, the more extra damage you instantly do if you connect your attack. 10+ extra damage from a pounce is considered a decent attack even if you get shot off the victim right away. The downside of this is your target icon is somewhat useless so you gotta pounce by feel; like playin’ a 3D thing of Tank Wars.
hax4543 can show you examples:
[youtube 8ES8r_1Anp4]
This is advanced technique, so if you’re not comfortable with it, don’t use it. It’s risky and you have to know how to get the fuck out of there if you miss.

– Sniper Feeding or Securing Another’s Capture –
If you know you’re playing alongside an expert Smoker, when the Smoker completes his pull, pounce it. This frees up the Smoker for another pull and Hunters attack pinned players faster than Smokers do. This is good if you’ve observed the survivors go to rescue the pinned as a group because if the Smoker can get another pull off from a greater distance away, this begins a chain of backtracking. Alternately, if only one guy is coming to the rescue, it’s perfectly ok to let the Smoker have his fun, but wait to pounce the single rescuer who comes to save the constricted. If you know you have seconds to spare, claw the constricted guy a few times before preparing to pounce the new guy.

– Fire –
A giga-risky move is to light yourself on fire then pounce somebody. Your pinned damage will increase [almost double], but you’ll be on a suicide mission and lose your camo. I read somewhere you can’t wall jump either. If you need to make an incapped survivor dead or somebody is way the hell by-himself where the survivor shouldn’t be, consider this.

– Moving a Witch –
Pounce the Witch a few times and she will chase you. Run to the spot you want the Witch to stand for the survivors and let it kill you. The Witch should stay there.

Durzel will show you that activating a witch and running it straight into the survivor group also works.
[youtube 7kSjTGBrWSE]
And no, it doesn’t regularly take that long like this guy did. He was just missing. Learn to aim lower into the ground to pounce low and short.

NOTICE: (1-15-09) PC version patch just fixed this yesterday. Ain’t that a bitch. 360 version will allow this trick for “several more weeks” so they say.

– Alternate Strategery ~ A Survivor Mashing Melee –
Your melee claw does quite a bit of damage. 10 HP or so per hit. Say you only think you could get a quick one or two hits on a guy and move to the next one during a hoard rush of a Boomer attack, it’s not a bad idea. You won’t be screaming and drawing attention and bile-covered survivors will have a difficult time spotting you in the cluster of zombies. If a survivor is melee-attacking forward, a pounce from directly above will connect. This is hard to do, but if a survivor is blocking him/herself against the wall or corner, try pouncing against the wall directly above the survivor. You will fall straight down in place and the pounce will connect.

Other Guides:

A great thanks to the authors of the youtube videos. Their credits are by each vid. This is the end of the guide, so I want to give a big special thanks to SimpleNate for convincing me to buy this game, Hilden for the added persuasion, LeftyBrown, Phneri, JediMacster, Moonrazr, and Moe for the many great times, and all the other people I’ve been playing with lately in friends games for being good people and making my winter break from work a fucking blast. When this game is buried and forgotten over this year by the next big thing, I’ll remember the tail-end of 2008, and I will smile.

Oh I lied. I have a few more bonus tips. Because I’m a poor strategy guide writer person.
– super fun bonus guide number tooo!!!! or something –

Read the damn tooltips. They are in the bottom left corner in intermission loading screens. They are useful if your memory blows. Some of the shit you read in these guides is in there.

I don’t know why people still ask this more than they should, but zombies can break doors by clawing them. That means left trigger. Or secondary attack. Or whatever you set it to. Doors shatter instantly with Hunter pounces and Boomer explosions.

Yes you can call votes on zombie teammates who aren’t doing anything for the game with the Start button menu (360).

If you see a (not Tank) zombie teammate moving solid objects to block the survivor’s path, breaking the game, negative review or report some Unsporting Conduct on the guy. Try to move the object out of the way before the survivors reach that point if you can. ‘Clawing.

Even the best players aren’t shit at playing infected if your teammates aren’t functioning in sync. Well, unless you’re the best damn Tank player ever. And I don’t think you are.

The back button on 360 shows you status, health, inventory, and info on the survivors. It also shows if your teammates are alive, dead, or spawning. You also get to see how much damage each guy has done and what infected they’re playing as. A critical tool for expert coordinators. ‘Proooolly shoulda put that in the basic tips, huh.

Ok I’m done now.

aaAAAhhhh, no I’m not!
Right after this guide was completed and released, Valve patched the PC version yesterday and say to do the 360 one in the coming weeks. The only real changes will be:
-Can’t move the witch
-Can’t run away and respawn with full health
-Tank can’t maintain control by punching objects
-Can’t exploit map and block survivors with objects
-Smoker Target reticle will be tweaked.
(1-15-09 -DJ Incompetent)

Now I’m really really done goddammit done really done dammit!

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6 Responses to SCIENCE!!! Left 4 Dead – Rollin’ Infected: Hunter

  1. SimpleNate says:

    Wow, a shout-out to yours truly. Maybe I should start playing this game again. Damn Lost Odyssey…

  2. Q says:

    This was the best of the bunch so far, great job. The videos were quite useful and I learned things I had no idea about. Being that you are going to draw the Hunter card more often than Smoker or Boomer its important to be able to use it effectively. I’m going to practice the wall jump and distance leaps especially. Good stuff man.

  3. Zinswin says:

    Thanks for kicking my ass last night with your SCIENCE!!! I need to practice.

  4. D.J.I. says:

    It was great playing with you, guy. No worries, mang. We were all afraid of TeeTocks. That guy’s a menace.

    Dude, I wish you stuck around for the game after to hear what these next guys were sayin’. This No Mercy one we did, after it finished these douchbags started accusing us of CHEATING! We laughed so hard I was droppin’ tears. This guy thought we were instant-spawning hunters when they were just meleeing them off people and he could punch us with a tank to save his life, so I was supposedly glitching. Dude I don’t even remember what was said, but listening to somebody accuse LeftyBrown, Moe, and Macster of all people of runnin’ cheats…it…it was classic. That’s all I can say.

  5. D.J.I. says:

    *”couldn’t punch us”

  6. Hennet says:

    Thanks D.J.I for the Hunter guide I didn’t know that a flaming Hunter did more damage.

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