Fat.  Ew.We continue the guide on how to play as dead things. Since 75% of the value of Left 4 Dead relies on your friends to be playing it too, there are not many months of stable nightly playing time left. Furthermore, it is only a matter of time before Fox News and special interest groups condemn the game, claiming Boomer play is serving as Al Quida suicide bomber training. The tingling senses in my lab coat and beakers tell me it is best to soak up and practice this science immediately. Also, test tubes.

It appears in zombie bizarro world, the guy who should be leading the Civil War-style charge on top of the zombie horse holding a saber of sorts is the extremely fat guy. Strange but true. I apologize for not entertaining the thought with a disastrous photoshop of the pic to the left.

Soulcorruptr shows you pretty pictures. A special thanks to him.
[youtube HNkguaH4ly8]

The written guide to playing as a Boomer is as follows:

– The Rule –
You are the main line of attack. All you’re trying to do is get bile on survivors. The beginning of a very successful ambush on a tight survivor group depends on if this guy’s vomit or explosive remains connect with the survivors. When there’s bile on a survivor:
-They can’t see well, making them far less likely to save a guy pinned by Smoker or Hunter next to him/her.
-You trigger a bonus hoard attack, meaning decoy targets for the survivors to spend time and focus on so your zombie teammates can get their chance to pounce with much greater success.

90% of the time as a Boomer, you’re on a suicide mission. Think like a terrorist when you’re this guy. Recognize that WHEN YOU EXPLODE YOU COVER SURVIVORS WITH BILE. Factor that in your attack. Don’t just rely on vomit. You have two chances to do your job. Try your best to use both. If you can vomit somebody and survive six seconds before somebody blows you up in the middle of a survivor group, then you just won the equivelent of a free second successful vomit attack and another bonus hoard attack, giving teammates respawn time to further assist the killing. Two different bile hits on a survivor group before a vomit recharge is the textbook example of an outstanding attack. Connecting one bile hit with multiple survivors is considered a successful attack, whether it be explosion or vomit. After a Boomer dies and survivors are covered, the next Boomer must work to get another bile hit in as quick as possible; before the bonus hoard is killed. This is the key to time-extending single ambushes.

You’re accomplishing nothing extra if you vomit then run away awaiting a vomit recharge. The game isn’t tracking how many times an infected dies played by you; only damage from you. A vomit recharge is pretty much the same amount of time as a respawn, but now you run slower and are no longer invisible to get in position in front or around the survivors. Then you’re stuck running from behind toward the survivors and get murdered…and now you just lost the time period of two respawns for the price of one, all because you got conservative. Waiting for a vomit recharge is generally not recommended. Go for the claw & suicide…or even climb another building and fall on them again.

– When There’s Nearby Climbable Tall Structures –
The best plan is to climb any structure the survivors have to be near or pass by, then jump into the center of the group.
In the event you know you’re against survivors that are smart enough to shove a Boomer away before killing it, don’t use your vomit attack until you have jumped into the center of the group. Jump in then just vomit in a circle. If you can get three or four of them in your vomit, it’s more than possible to just run out of the circle still alive. Or you can just claw one of them hoping somebody blows you up after a moment and you cover some with vomit a second time.

– Creative Spawning –
You’re one of the largest, slowest, and noisiest targets. Let us not forget shooting a ball of cotton at it or three shoves will end your turn. 50 health is quite suck. If you don’t have a high ground to start from, consider spawning in places with the shortest walking distance. All you need to do is simply be out of view of the survivors and not 2 feet from any of them to successfully respawn. You can easily respawn within vomit distance and do so little as strafe one step left or right and successfully land an attack. Your hitbox (or cone vision) of survivors being able to see you acts a little sketchy, so you can get away with hiding behind the center of a tree or the side edge of an open doorway and mashing the spawn button until it works. Remember to crouch if you’re having trouble spawning behind something. Crouching can easily be the difference between a survivor seeing you or not. Very narrow walkways or rooftop objects next to a building or cliffside edge, while looking impassible may easily allow you to walk along them and get behind them, allowing a close respawn spot [technically] out of survivor view. Attacking from below the survivors has a hard time working out. Try to keep your spawning at the same level as or above the group and as close as possible if you want to immediately attack.

– Where to Vomit –
This requires more thought than you realize. While one would think anytime is fine, if you want more hoard to spawn, bile the party when there’s more distant openings for hoard to spawn from and wider areas for teammates to capitalize on the attacks.
Vomiting on one survivor with three open passageways can be better than covering three survivors with one open passageway.

– Straggler/Stray/Chained Survivor Strategy –
Less Than 3 Seconds Away:
If your zombie team collectively recognizes they can pick off a single member at the back or the front of the group, let them. In this style of ambush your entire role is support and stalling the rescuing survivors. Hold your vomit attack and exposing yourself until after they begin. Your best plan for assist is to cover the rest of the survivors while they’re trying to rescue their guy by strategy as easy as hiding to the side of a doorway or corner then vomit, later clawing into explosion. Although just appearing from a different direction entirely can work much better.

>= 3 Seconds Away:
But say if the yet untouched straggler is a fairly decent distance away, say 3-4 seconds from rejoining the group and you know your teammates are nearby to attack the same person, go ahead and vomit on the one person so the Hunter and Smoker can restrict the bile guy from defending against hoard. This extended time distance away from the group gives the hoard enough time to surround and pummel the pinned stray guy. Your task then is to immediately find a way to explode on the other survivors. Not that it’s a bad thing to just sit there and claw the poor stray survivor expecting the others to blow you up and get a second hoard attack, but that second hoard attack will be less effective as three healthy survivors are there to minimize damage. It’s a judgment call you’ll have to make.

– Dick Moves –
Your explosion is enough to trigger a car alarm or startle a Witch while she’s partially provoked. You can sometimes get away with simply standing directly on either and hope to god somebody shoots you by instinct. Another dick move is to claw [at an angle] a small hole in the door and vomit through it. The vomit can’t be partially restricted so if you’re aiming correctly, the entire attack at full distance will clip through the door. It works pretty well against non-A.I. survivors who don’t move to the next area quickly.

– About Bile –
You vomit at longer distances if you’re puking straight forward.
Hoard generated from bile attacks mostly only go after the survivors covered in it. The hoard can be seen literally running past healthy survivors to attack the bile guy ten feet away. This is why bile-covering one person in a tight group isn’t a huge deal. The generated zombies are usually too busy running around the healthy survivors they get shot down pretty fast.

– Recharge Trick –
If you’re stuck recharging vomit and you have no opening to cause a self destruct, get as far away from survivors as possible. If you get far enough, you’ll get the option to press X to move closer to the survivors, giftin’ you a barf recharge and a spawn-anywhere. Your health is restored too if you’re into that kind of thing…like being on fire.

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6 Responses to SCIENCE!!! Left 4 Dead – Rollin’ Infected: Boomer

  1. phneri says:

    Another awesome dick move as a boomer (generally works against less experienced players). Your explosion will knock survivors back a couple of feet. Like, say, over a ledge. I’ve managed to incap 2 survivors with a boomer this way, after which the match ended very quickly.

  2. D.J.I. says:

    True true, phneri. In the draft I had a little blurb about Boomer and Tank knocking people off things. I tried playtesting stuff like that in random versus rounds. Most of the time when I’d make a hit and thought the knock off was a sure thing, they’d still be on the ledge. I kinda wrote the tactic off as more of luck than anything. Or I just suck. Either way, I removed the blurbs later on since I felt I was going way too out of my way to try that when I could have done better damage elsewhere. Also, I wanted to know just how close I had to be and how far back survivors would stumble. I didn’t really know either.

    But yeah. Boomer and Tank can send people flying. Great for ledge drops or instant kills. Crazy hard to do. I think this is shown in that video above as well.

  3. leftybrown says:

    Hmm, I’m beginning to wonder if I could get DJ and a few others on a special Left 4 Dead edition of the Married Gamers.

    Phenri is absolutely right about knocking folks off ledges as a strategy. Hunters can also do that too if the pin a character knocking other characters back.

  4. D.J.I. says:

    dunno. Like, live via skype or whatever?
    Last time I spoke to anybody in another state, I got 11 second satellite lag.

  5. carrotpanic says:

    I was talking to people in California and Chicago simultaneously over the weekend with half a second lag at most. What internet provider do you have DJI?

  6. D.J.I. says:

    I have WOW! for internet. 8mb broadband. the company. Not the game. I’m not worried about my connection, but I don’t have enough equipment for skype.

    I was calling into podcasts from a sprint cell phone so that’s why I sounded like a dolt.

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