I know this was one of you. I think it’s time you fessed up and got the congratulations you so richly deserve.

For those of you not in the know, Austin news outlet KXAN has the story here. The long and short of it involves some intrepid and hilarious hackers changing an electric road sign to warn drivers of the zombie apocalypse currently “in progress”. I know it’s a dangerous and highly illegal activity, but it seems like smart people preparing for the inevitable to me.

But that’s just me.

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6 Responses to Okay, Who Did It?

  1. Ryker XL says:

    I must admit…it wasn’t me…sadly.

    BUT If I were a guessing man, my vote would be for Lefty…but that’s just a guess

  2. Brian Pederson says:

    These idiots aren’t preparing for the inevitable Zombie apocalypse, they’re ruining any chance that the public will take warnings of the inpending disaster seriously. Now even if one brave construction worker manages to realize what’s coming and try to warn people they commuters will ignore it as a prank and drive right into the ravenous hordes of undead.

    Shame, I say! Shame on these hackers, shame on those spoiled college kids who pretend to be Zombies in cities and shame upon book stores for putting the Zombie Survival Guide in the humor section! These people are only furthering humanities doom, nothing more.

  3. grantimus says:

    This is great! My fiancee just bought me World War Z today, reading right now, btw.

  4. damo says:

    So funny. The videos on the side of the page are great too – it’s cool that the tv news station would even post those videos on their website!

  5. badbad_leroybrown says:

    They’re planting seeds Brian. Seeds that will grow into ideas. Like when all those people who passed by that street corner are heading to their local shopping mall for humanity’s last stand, they will remember that sign an omnious reminder.

    That reminder? You have been warned.

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