Well folks, a new year is here and I feel fresh, like strawberries and cream or that feeling you get stepping into a waterfall whilst shaking your head around reciting ‘because I’m worth it’. That’s right 2009 is here and I’m feeling good about it. I think I’d describe 2008 as being both the best and worst year of my life wrapped up in a giant ball of yarn. Whilst there were plenty of very bad times though, the positives were just far to great to ignore. So in keeping positive, here is a list of all the very good things that happened last year.

Travel: I managed to travel to Spain, Minneapolis, Vancouver, Seattle, Moscow and London. (Yes contrary to popular belief I do not live close to London).

Work: I got not one but two promotions, and I was able to go and work with some amazing people in Moscow

People: Hanging out with John, Moe and Hilden is an obvious high point. Spending time with M.C. at PAX, getting to hang around with the London crew a little more (Dave, Ben, Kyna, Pete and Kerry) and of course, all the fantastic people I got to meet at the Daryl’s. Not to mention I got to meet with Eddie Olmos, Aaron Douglas and Allessandro Julliani…

Events: The Daryl’s, PAX, London Expo

Guitar: I somehow managed to end up with Dave Weiner (solo artist and second guitarist for Steve Vai) as my guitar tutor. The guy is frankly a living legend in my book, he has a lot of time, and he’s simply one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to meet and to top it all off he’s one of the finest guitarists on the planet.

Gaming: There have been some simply beautiful games released this year from MGS4 to Lost Odyssey. So many great gaming moments right through the entire year.

So looking back, even though there really were some frankly depressing and awful times last year, the positives have been incredulous. My plan now is to try and keep this momentum up and cut out the bad bits to make 2009 the best year of my life yet.

So to my New Year’s Resolutions:
1 – I will before the end of 2009 release some form of album.
2 – I will attend the Midwest Gaming Classic show
3 – I will go to PAX 09 and not stay in a hotel that looks like No More Heroes and takes an hour to travel anywhere
4 – I will go to Vancouver for at least a few days this time, I WILL smuggle a Raccoon out of the country
5 – I will pass the MCSE exams, every one of them. I want the shiny badge.

Christmas 2008 was sadly less good for me this year, I wasn’t able to get any time off work and seeing as my family live in a different country there was no possibility to take time to travel and see them. That said I did pick up a few games to play during the period. If I had to use one phrase to describe Christmas for me though it would have to be:

“Christmas, it was good except for the Werehog bits”

Funnily enough, that sentence can also be applied to something else… Can you guess what it is yet?

I also picked up a SNES recently and have been topping up my collection of games wherever possible. I was incredibly happy to find on New Years Eve the following classics:

Pop ‘n’ Twinbee
Legend of the Mystical Ninja
U.N. Squadron
Lost Vikings

I also stumbled upon a copy of Persona 3 FES which I snapped up immediately. This is a game that you simply don’t see around in the UK at all in spite of its very recent release date. There’s no sign of Persona 4 on these shores for a while so I decided to pick this one up after the glowing comments from pretty much everyone on the DGR podcasts recently.

Oh and I recently picked up Left 4 Dead and an Xbox Live Gold card. I fully expect you all to add me as a friend so we can get some zombie slaying time in soon. My gamercard is: McPhilthy

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff for 2009

Phil Haymes

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10 Responses to Living in the Minus World – 10/01/09

  1. Pax 09 is September 4,5,6. I will be attending this year, unlike how I was supposed to last year but had to change my plans last minuet.

  2. Moe says:

    You wacky Brits and your goofy date writings. I thought this was a post about October 10….. from the FUTURE!!!!

  3. to bad ONLY THE US uses that dating system

  4. Philthy says:

    I love the US date format… I still have no idea as to the logic though!

    Everyone else uses the same format that we do which is smallest unit to largest.

    Day = Small/Month = Bigger/Year = Biggerest

    It makes logical sense.

  5. John says:

    We write it like we say it: January thirteenth, two thousand nine. 1/13/2009. There’s your logic.

  6. Philthy says:

    You see, it doesn’t help matters when the way you say it is both logically and grammatically wrong also. Even using just decent language skills it should be at least:

    “January the thirteenth, two thousand and nine”

    If you were being at least slightly normal you would use:

    “The thirteenth of January, two thousand and nine”

    Bloody Yanks abusing the great language again.

  7. John says:

    How is “January the thirteenth, two thousand and nine” any different than “January thirteenth, two thousand nine”? It’s just missing “the”.

  8. John says:

    Putting “the” in there is just as pointless as putting a “u” in “color”.

    Boy I love these conversations. Let’s start talking football next. Or is it footy?

  9. Philthy says:

    You mean American Soccer? 😛

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