Crayon Physics Deluxe from Petri Purho on Vimeo.

One of the most creative and ingenious sandbox styled gameplay designs with the primary emphasis on user-created content I’ve ever seen is the brand new Crayon Physics Deluxe, recently released for the PC.  Think Line Rider meets Little Big Planet meets Kirby’s Canvas Curse…. with a dash of Loco Roco.  Check out the video of gameplay and download the demo; it even includes the level editor!

Please don’t eat the crayons.


2 Responses to Crayon Physics Deluxe

  1. John says:

    Just played this for the iPhone. Love it. I also played the PC version quite a while ago. Perhaps that was a demo? I think so.

    Either way, it’s really freakin’ cool.

  2. Moe says:

    Some of the solution videos posted in the blog link on the main page are simply amazing. I am completely fascinated by this thing. Probably one of the best educational video games you could by for a kid, or anybody else in your life who digs the work of Rube Goldberg. Sort of like the video version of a Lego set.

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