I’ve got a weird thing for playing cards. I love playing casual games of poker with my friends and enjoy having unusual cards with which to play. In fact, sitting next to me I’ve got a deck of Beatles cards, Marvel Ultimate Alliance cards, two decks of World Championship Poker the Video Game cards, and now an awesome set of Dawn of the Dead playing cards. I’m a zombie fanatic and there is no better zombie movie than the original Dawn of the Dead, so how could I resist spending $5 on these bad boys? I like ’em so much that I decided to scan all of them so you could see the images. Fans of the movie (I’m looking at you, Phneri) should definitely seek these out. They come from Aquarius Images and can be found here or here.

Dawn of the Dead Playing Cards

Click on for the rest.

Dawn of the Dead Playing Cards

Ah yes, the Hari Krishna zombie!

Dawn of the Dead Playing Cards

Dawn of the Dead Playing Cards

Hell yes, ace of diamonds! One of the best shots in the movie.

Dawn of the Dead Playing Cards

Dawn of the Dead Playing Cards

5 Responses to Dawn of the Dead Playing Cards

  1. Zinswin says:

    I need to see this movie.

  2. Hilden says:

    Those cards point out just how shitty that movie was lit.


  3. Tyler Durden84 says:

    Where is the best scene in the movie? Where is the card with “exploding-head-blackguy-mannequin”?

    Everyone should watch the movie JUST to see that scene!
    It totally raised the bar on special effects!

  4. John says:

    Isn’t that the Ace of Diamonds card that I pointed out above?

  5. Tyler Durden84 says:

    Oh, yeah.
    I guess I didn’t notice it.

    How could I really think it wouldn’t be included?

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