You should all know that I have a deep distrust for this red Muppet. As cute as he may be and as much as my daughter adores him, as far as I’m concerned this little thing is a demon in furry form, thrust upon us by the Children’s Television Network for Lord knows what purpose. As it stands, this little creature is responsible for breaking my Xbox 360 and turning my house into a shrine to his helium voiced brand of evil cuteness.

Chris Brown, one of our good friends and co-host of the infamous Married Gamers has sent us a link that is both satisfying and downright creepy. Anyone who’s been to the toy section in your local big box retailer has seen the vast array of Elmo toys. The latest one is a scary thing called Elmo Live that is simply frightening. Here’s a look:

Chris sent over a link to an article entitled Elmo Live Dissected. And like I said, it’s both satisfying and extremely creepy. Anyway, for all those who are subjected to the slavery of the character, enjoy. I think.

*Shudder* I think it’s looking at me again.

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6 Responses to Elmo Dissected

  1. John says:

    Jesus, I just had to sit through an hour of Elmo this morning. Think they can make an Elmo character add-on to Pain so I can bust his balls with a flagpole?

  2. Hilden says:

    Man, I’d buy the game FOR SURE, then.

  3. Tyler Durden84 says:

    Could the guy in the lab coat who occasionally talks to Elmo be any scarier?
    I think that guy tours grade schools with Elmo….in a van with no windows…

  4. damo says:

    They had the guy who does the voice of Elmo as the guest on the NPR show Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me one time. It was awesome. He can change back and forth between his normal voice and Elmo so fast that it almost sounds like they are talking at the same time. An awesome segment and worth a listen if you’ve got 10 minutes:

  5. MikeOHara says:

    that video was creepy as shit.

  6. Zinswin says:

    I bought a TMX Elmo for my daughter two years ago for Christmas when they were hot shit. I went to Target every morning for 3 weeks and finally got my hands on one. We open it up, she’s super excited. We turn it on, SHE FREAKS OUT. And not in a good way. It’s still hiding away in the basement, waiting for when she’s ready for it.

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