We present the conclusion of the Top 27 Greatest Movie Scenes.

Article By:: Tyler Durden

Blade Runner

Harrison Ford should change his name to “I-star-in-bad-ass-movies Ford”. Because this movie is bad ass. And so is Rutger Hauer. With the one of the most memorable lines in the movie…nay..in ALL OF MOVIES, Hauer tells Ford about his troubles from being a android. Kinda weird, but its ok. Since this movie was part of the Summer Film Festival, you all should have seen this already. Right?

[youtube a_saUN4j7Gw&hl]


While I am not part of the club that thinks this movie is “Teh Jesus”, I do think this scene was way cool. Daesu wields a hammer whilst charging into a hallway full of balsam wood wielding thugs. Whatever. This scene kicks ass and so does Daesu…until he figures out that he has been shtuping his own daughter. BLECH!

[youtube Ufss5ot_vGE&hl]

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

I love this movie. I love Paul Newman. This movie is funny. This scene is funny. This scene is right below this crappy narration.
Right here——-/

[youtube 5hmzeIGRy38&h]

Twelve Monkeys

Ah, yes. Twelve Monkeys. Nothing screws with your head like this movie. Apparently, Brad Pitt went crazy trying to figure this movie out, which explains why he is so crazy in this scene. I love this scene. Brad Pitt should get some kind of award for this character. Like a trophy.. or…..or something.

[youtube vTAkDbqm6r8&hl]

Sword of Doom

Never heard of it? Not surprising. Its super old, yet super influential. The main character is an evil, rogue samurai who just kills for the fun of it. Until he is confronted in this scene. Hmm, very similar to a scene from Kill Bill Vol 1. I wonder why it was homaged? Darth Vader was supposedly created based on the main character in this movie. Neat, huh?

[youtube 8HrWVsswLeg&hl]

Ed Wood

This movie kicks ass. Johnny Depp is a great actor. So is Martin Landau. The both play real life people in this flick. It’s about the life of Edward D. Wood and Bela Lugosi. It’s about their adventures together. Their struggles. Their ups. Their downs. Their unbridled love….wait, no.

Most notably known as the “Worst Director of All Time”. This flick is about Ed Wood making his Citizen Kane, Plan 9 From Outer Space.

“This isn’t plans one through eight, this is plan 9! The one that worked! The worst movie ever made!”

[youtube 4ZbLFXqhbQM&hl]

Breakfast Club

Who doesn’t like the Breakfast Club? Oh, you in the back?! GET OUT! Uncivilized ruffian.


Now, in a movie filled with great scenes, this is my fav. Finally understanding why Bender is so mad and angry and brooding, you start to feel for him. Done. Period. Just watch.

[youtube G8vqlhi3QQw&h]

Glengarry Glen Ross

Alec Baldwin.

One word can describe his character in this clip: LOL!

[youtube y-AXTx4PcKI&h]

Road To Perdition

In what just might be my favorite scene ever, Paul Newman’s character, a crime boss, gets gunned down in the rain by Tom Hanks, a hitman. I absolutley LOVE THIS SCENE! It’s so dramatic and beautiful. Its expertly filmed and executed. I love the rain. The drab, washed out colors. Paul Newman. Tommy guns. Umbrellas. People who don’t know when to mind their own business. And the rain. Did I already say that? Oh well. I really can’t say this enough. I love this scene. And you should too!

[youtube gQYJVva4KhE&hl]

Well thats it for my list. Once again, these are my favs and if you have any problems, post em. Any of your own personal favorite scenes, post em. You are wanting to vote me for President based on my picks in this list? Great. I plan on raising taxes in order to build my secret hideout underwater and unleash my army of rabid, face eating pug dogs.

-Tyler Durden 84

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3 Responses to Top 27 Greatest Movie Scenes-Part III

  1. damo says:

    Tyler, thanks for the great posts!

    One of my favorite movie scenes of all time that you missed was Al Pacino’s speech at the end of The Devil’s Advocate. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGR4SFOimlk

    Fucking awesome.

  2. Tyler Durden84 says:

    yeah, Devil’s Advocate is a good movie.
    For all the crap he gets, Keanu was alright in it too.
    But Pacino was great in the scenes he had.
    It felt like Scent of a Woman, but you know….with the Devil.

  3. Tyler Durden84 says:

    RIP Paul Newman.

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