This, my friends, is a fantastic innovation. Not only do these items do what footware should, they also solve one of mankinds most vexing problems: “Where in the hell is my bottle opener?”

My friends, it’s right underneath your feet. Where all good bottle openers should be.

Reef, purvayors of all kinds of surf inspired footware , have an entire line of sandals with the “church key for opening your ‘soda'” built in.

With innovations like these, I ask you yet again: can the flying car really be that far away?

Next thing you know, we’ll be landing on the moon.

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4 Responses to Reef: Footware with a Purpose

  1. John says:

    My Dad actually owns a pair of these. They kick ass!

  2. bennard says:

    What if you step in a dog turd or something? I wouldn’t want that near my beer bottle. As an alternative solution: Ring Thing.

  3. Hilden says:

    Hmm….you bring up a valid point.

    Guess you really need to watch your step with these.

  4. Tyler Durden84 says:

    Ring Thing rocks!

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