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My biggest regret of moving to the suburbs is the complete lack of any sort of history. 99% of everything out here was built less than fifteen years ago. There isn’t a good bar in Burnsville, there isn’t a single “mom n’ pop” shop in Burnsville, and the restaurants are almost exclusively of the corporate chain variety. It’s for this reason that I head over to Northeast Minneapolis, or “Nordeast” as it’s referred to by locals. This neighborhood is brimming with local history and is home to some of the best neighborhood bars and restaurants in the entire Twin Cities metro area. And among the best of the best is Mayslack’s.


It’s a place I go back to as often as possible, wanting to escape from the mundane strip-mall-covered suburbs to something real; something with history.

Stan Mayslack

Stan Mayslack

Originally opened in 1955 by former pro-wrestler Stan Mayslack, Mayslack’s is the epitome of Northeast Minneapolis corner bars. The floor tiles are cracked, the bar is dimly lit, the booths are creaky and private, and the jukebox has an incredibly varied selection. But what made Mayslack’s legendary is its incredible roast beef sandwiches. These massive sandwiches are covered in garlic, banana peppers, onions, and au jus and served on a giant rye bun. When you go to Mayslack’s, don’t bother with the rest of the menu (which is good); stick with “The Original”.

The Original

The Original

It’s a sandwich that sticks with you; quite literally. Chances are you’ll be belching up that delicious garlic au jus for days to come. And yes, that’s a positive. This is a sandwich with character, my friends, and if you want something bland I suggest staying in the suburbs.

A blurry shot of the bar.

A blurry shot of the bar.

But food isn’t the only reason to come back to Mayslack’s. As I’ve alluded to, it’s all about the atmosphere. And with tons of great beer on tap, including many local favorites, as well as live music nearly every night, Mayslack’s is just a great place to go hang out and shoot the shit with the locals. Now some people argue that it’s just not the same since Stan Mayslack died, and that’s an argument I can agree with. The waitstaff is hit or miss as are the other items from the menu. But as long as The Original stays true and the friendly neighborhood vibe continues, Mayslack’s will continue to be my favorite bar in old Nordeast. Plus, where else can you get a t-shirt like this:

Truer words have never been spoken.

Truer words have never been spoken.

If you’re in town: Mayslack’s is on 1428 4th St. NE in Minneapolis. Check their website for live music information, as well as menus and catering information.

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5 Responses to Mayslack’s: A Twin Cities Landmark

  1. Hilden says:

    Oh, man. I’ve never seen a picture of Stan Mayslack before. Hilarious! Exactly the guy who would create that sandwich, I guess.

  2. Tyler Durden84 says:

    that sandwich looks like a heart attack.
    but somethings could be worth dying for.

  3. Hilden says:

    It makes me hungry. I want that sandwich.

  4. Torgo says:

    FUCK!!!! Now I’m hungry!

    I burned many a brain cell in that place. There’s nothing like getting an almost-filled rocks glass full of Whiskey as your “shot”

    My favorite place in all of the Twin Cities

  5. Torgo says:

    btw, You make posts like this and you don’t expect me to come up soon, you’re crazy!!!

    FUCK FUCK FUCK I miss that sandwich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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