How awesome is So awesome.

Jason Oestreicher, who you may know as one of the guys from the Interactive Distractions Podcast, sent us a link to this fantastic store and has this to say:

I know you guys are fans of all things Zombie and figured you might appeciate some of the stuff they had there. I’ve been ordering shirts from there for about a year now and gotta say… they put out some high quality shit. Also, the owner, Ben, started out doing it all from his basement. The guy’s personable as all hell and you can tell he really loves doing what he does… making fucking kick-ass horror tees. Here are some stand-outs:


Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things

Monster Squad


I don’t know about you but my wallet just got a little bit lighter. There’s also a really cool section where you can see a t-shirt go from conception to design. It’s a really cool look into how these things are made.

Thanks for the link, Jason!

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