Our long time friend (when he’s not hitting on my wife), Danger Boy, sent this YouTube link our way.

Being that it has robots in it, we’re commanded by the robot gods to put it out there for you to view. Anyway, the PanicBot 5000 was vibrating suggestively as he previewed it. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

If you like what you see, then go on over to Danger Boy’s site, HenshinJustice.com and give him some love.

Just, not my wife. Please, honey?

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2 Responses to Robots from Danger Boy

  1. damo says:

    Robots will always be awesome, whether they are bringing us a beer or destroying a high-rise somewhere.

    I really started laughing when I was watching the video and halfway through imagined PanicBot previewing it. zzzhpppphhhhzzzzzt!

  2. The Danger Boy says:

    I wasn’t hitting on your wife! I was…. just seeing if she wanted to go out for dinner…. for the weekend. >__>

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