So, this is going to be an anime post. About giant robots. Really badass transforming giant robots.

No, I don’t mean Transformers. Or Voltron, or any of those other pussy transforming robots from your youth. I mean Getter Robo. When men were men, robots were robots, and bad guys bled, then exploded, then bled some more. Because your giant robot with a drill for an arm just drilled him in the face to death.

Getter Robo is awesome simply because it makes damn near no sense, and refuses to apologize for this. The basic premise is some loony-ass scientist with a mountain fortress built a giant killer robot with incredible destructive power using bizarre energy no one really knows how to control. And he’s the good guy.

Next come the pilots. Instead of using highly trained, skilled, and stable people to drive his giant death machine, this guy decides to hire a street thug, a serial killer who uses his bare hands to murder whoever the fuck he feels like, and an insane monk with a sword. Because the Getter Robo isn’t driven by skill. It’s driven by pure macho force. Real men don’t need skill to pilot a giant robot. They just hit fucking buttons until something explodes. Then they do that again.

What do they fight? Does it matter, beyond that there are giant monsters that bleed? First it’s some demon horde…thing. Later in feudal Japan (this is after the time travel episode. Yeah) it’s the same demon horde thing with a crazy sorcerer in charge of them. Then it’s god. Yes, our heroes become so badass they decide to kick the shit out of the almighty for a while. Because they fucking can.

And that’s pretty much all you need. This is the Grindhouse of anime. If you like lots of explosions and hate dialog that makes sense, have I got the show for you.

youtube AMVage from some guy follows. I chose this over normal show footage as I feel the goofy heavy metal theme accents the depraved, insane awesome of the show further.

[youtube fe32ML_npxs]

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to add a few discs to my Netflix queue to make up for the upcoming viewing of Mama Mia

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2 Responses to Robotage: New Getter Robo

  1. John says:

    Wow…I think that theme song is the very definition of METAL!

  2. The Danger Boy says:

    Dude… if you wans some SERIOUSLY HEAVEY METAL… Getter Robo is good, but none stand higher than….. GAOGAIGAR!!!

    The Opening

    The Throwdown… and this isn’t even the finale. By the end of GaoGaiGar Final… the hero beats up a solar system with a hammer the size of a space station AND IT IS AWESOME. O__Om/

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